Super Shark World

Super Shark World is a fun underwater journey where your skills related to the underwater tasks will be test! Throughout the set of more than 15 levels, the players will get to control the movement of one huge submarine while maneuvering through the water area that is filled with obstacles. Both hidden and out-in-the-open obstacles are the things that you need to overcome in this ABCya 2022 game.

In order to survive, keep moving through the marine and upgrade the character with more capacity and power. By using the gold that you earn at the end of the game, you can freely explore the unlimited challenging tasks around the place. Two modes of level-theme and endless gameplay are available for you to choose. Try to capture the food and the smaller fish or marine species to get your shark to grow.

Keep in mind that beside the basic enemies, you will have to be prepared to go up against three different bosses at the end of some crucial stages. How long will it take for you to defeat the others and dominate this marine? As it's an interactive game for kids of all ages, there'll be an in-game mini tutorial to explain the basics and mechanism of the rules to the newbies.

Don't hesitate to showcase your good reflexes and ways of handling a variety of different enemies targeting you all at once! Choose the tactics well and wisely depending on the given situation on each level as well as your shark's current size. Increasing the speed and biting power shall be the keys to your winning chance in higher stages here at! Other equally interesting and thrilling games such as Ninja Up! will be similar good choice for your next gaming session!


move using the arrow keys, shoot with the K key, dash forward using the L key.