BBQ Skewers

All these long skewers are the specialties of your restaurant, so do your best to arrange them into only one skewer per stage and sell it for profit! Come to this new game with the name of BBQ Skewers from the game list of ABCya4 online and enjoy a fun time while moving these mouth-watering skewers for money! The goal is to gain money by moving all the pieces of food, sausages, donuts, and such from different skewers to one single skewer only. As you are sorting out the pieces, bear in mind one of the most crucial rules of this game being pieces of the same type going near each other.

This means that while there are a lot of different pieces of food, it's best if you can go ahead and sort to get one type first on the skewer, then go on with the next. Your problem-solving skill will be put to test in this game thanks to the high quality and elaborated gameplay, with the pressure of time to make things more speed up and thrilling! Not only is this one of the latest puzzle games added to the collection of but it's also one of the most favorite choices for kids of all ages as shown on the top board of the Leaderboard!

Freely replay or tackle new stages once you finish the current level, but make sure that there are only skewers with food on them when the time runs out! Under the pressure of time, we will find out which player is the best at organizing and sorting things out! Feel free to drag some of your best friends to join this game without any cost to kick off fun summertime gameplay!

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Controlling keys: Click and drag the mouse to move the pieces on the skewers.