Box Battle

Looking for a new idle game here at How about trying out this new gaming option for kids of all ages with our latest choice Battle Box? Not only is this a thrilling idle game with more risks and harder challenges but it's also a combination of puzzle themes. You will be facing a board with two sides filled with different items. The rows will be marked with letters, while the columns are marked with numbers.

Choose the lines and columns that you want to remove, which will create an intersection to indicate the square that you can shoot at. The goal of this game is to collect all the jewels, valuable items, fruits, and others hidden underneath each box. When you first tackle the levels, you will get to see the overall layout and the positions of all items once. Memorize as many as possible so that you can dodge the positions where the boxes filled with bombs are.

Try to hit the others to gather fruits and jewels instead. Keep in mind that under a lot of blocks, a devil will be lurking. If you shoot at three of them, your turn will be over. You can gain more energy and restore your health bar when you manage to find a strawberry, so this is crucial to stay alive longer in the game.

Pay attention to the incremental score system and calculate whatever it takes to gain access to these dozens of different jewels! Emerge in this pixelated world with fun 3D animation and adorable character design! Don't miss out on the other frequently played games with top-notch gameplay such as Winter Holiday Puzzles, all available at the tips of your finger when you visit the website of ABCya 2022!

Controlling keys: Use the mouse or finger to touch the boxes.