Timberman is one of the latest games added to the arcade collection of ABCya land where the kids' experience dealing with fast-paced arcade games is put to test. Do your best at aiming, estimating the movement of the character, as well as controlling the direction in order to hit the right spot. The ultimate goal in this game remains unchanged regardless of the stage that you are on.

The final goal is to chop off the most pieces of wood while dodging the branches of the trees. In this new version of the arcade game, you can look forward to a new update with dozens of new upgrades for the character, unknown environments, and a bigger village to explore! The number of trees for the timberman to cut will not decrease, so start doing your job now!

Enjoy this fabulous old-school arcade-style game with the most casual gameplay combined with a vibrant design. As you are focusing on chopping the wood, make sure to switch sides and avoid the branches at all costs. Easy as it sounds, it will not be easy to master in one go. Tackle all these variable environments and unlock a total of 104 lumberjacks for the top-ranked scores on the Leaderboard.

Each stage brings a different setting with unique branch distribution, therefore, adapt to the new layout and conquer them all with your experience dealing with arcade games. Do your best to utilize the damage range of your ax as every lumberjack does with the most precise chop! Feel free to take the time to explore other similar-themed games such as Dino Memory with the most interesting gameplay for all kids at https://abcya4.net/! Let's demonstrate your most precise chopping technique now!

How to play: Click on two sides of the tree to chop.