Jump The Wall

Let's see if your jump will be high and precise enough to make your character dash through these obstacles one by one. Not only is this new game of Jump The Wall a fabulous jumping game but it's also a great challenging gaming option for the fans of interactiven games. Take over the main role and the objective of hopping over these heavily weighted walls. The goal is to smoothly pass by them all on your route to reach the final destination and keep continue on the endless path.

The further you manage to reach, the higher your scores will be. However, keep an eye out and steer clear of the randomly popped-up obstacles. Manage the timing for each jump and make sure to be prepared a few seconds before the walls get closer to your position. Should you hit a strange item and fall, the main character will faint and lie down for a while. Any second shall be crucial and valuable in this game, so keep your reflexes sharp and continue to ace the other new challenges.

Friends can share this competitive game with others and see who will manage to get to the furthest checkpoint within the short time frame! We hope that you will get the best entertaining time while learning tips and techniques on how to maneuver the platform. How long will it take you to claim the title of the ultimate winner? Keep going for more similar running games like Paco Paco or Beehive Yourself later once you have mastered this game! All of our free games have been added to the new collection, so all you need to do is click on https://abcya4.net/ for a blast!

Controlling keys: Use the mouse or arrow keys to change the direction and jump.