Hand Or Money

Money-making games with the interactive setting or clicking gameplay have been all the rages here in the collection of abcya4.net/new , and Hand Or Money is one of the most famous games! Enjoy this exciting and fun money-making game where you will trade your reflexes for money. It's a quick and fun way to earn money and become a millionaire on our virtual platform! You will compete between the sharp blade speed and your hand. The game operates in a way that each player takes turns to simply place their hand between the sharp blades.

he goal is to retrieve the hand as soon as you find it suitable before the blades hit the hand and after you have managed to take the cash quickly. It'll be quite a thrilling challenge as you have to race against time and the random movement of the blades. If you fail to retract your hand before the blades come down, the game is over as you have lost both hands! Fun games like this can only be played in online versions and don't try it in real life! Let's learn how to maneuver the hands, and coordinate the observation and movement, all in order to quickly seize the moment.

Don't be afraid and learn how to face your fears head-on with this game! Even if you fail, try again and you will grasp the core of how to estimate the time, choose the best timing, and avoid dangerous situations. Since plenty of our games are free choices filled with not only fun gameplay but also amazing graphic design, feel free to share with your besties for a blast! Come to pick up more skills, and excellent gaming techniques with similar-themed games like Butcher Warehouse and Crazy Laundry later on our website of ABCya unblock games.

How to play: Use the mouse or tap on the screen to control the hand.