2048 Drop

Another updated version of the classic 2048 game has been added to the collection of ABCya puzzle to make the experience of calculating and organizing number blocks better. This game resembles some parts of the original version but with some changes in the rules. Instead of sliding and move the appearing blocks, in this game, the players will have to move the dropping blocks. aThis means that you will have to change the positions of the blocks before they hit the bottom of the screen.

If you don't change it in time, the position of it will be as the default position when it's dropped. The tiles drop down separately and a few seconds later than each other, however, you will need to make sure that you control them in time so as not to make a huge pile on the screen. The grid can only cover a certain number of blocks. If there are too many, they will overfill and the game is over. Drop the tiles with the same number and once they collide with each other, they will automatically combine and create a new block.

The new block shall have the number which is the sum of two previous tiles. Keep repeating the process and reach the final number of 2048. Not only will you need to show your reflex, ability when dealing with numbers, the reaction speed, and tons of placement capacity. Thanks to the simple yet challenging rules, this one will spice up the old version and bring more great experience to the players. Will you take the chance to enjoy this game for free at https://abcya4.net/ along with other games like 2048 Billiards 3D and Hexa 2048 Puzzle?

Controls: Slide and tap on the screen using the mouse or the finger to move and drop the tiles.