Hexa 2048 Puzzle

How good are your skills when it comes to solving the puzzles in these addictive relaxing number games from ABCya puzzle ? The toughest challenges of both numbers and puzzles are here in our latest game: Hexa 2048 - Puzzle Block Merge. Dive into the game of brainstorming with these challenging and tough-to-crack quizzes! Your job is to use the given pieces of Hexa blocks, move them to suitable positions, merge them, and make sure that the merged ones fit into the designated layout.

It's a classic game of merging that kids of all ages will find interesting and challenging, but with a good understanding of the rules, you will have fun for sure! Drag the given hexa blocks to the places that you deem suitable, and feel free to rotate them as you wish. Multiple materials of blocks shall appear once you progress through a few levels of the game.

From iron-made to crystal and wood pieces, you will find the work of merging become a tad bit more difficult when there are more materials to deal with. Showcase your talents in dealing with difficult puzzle games and see how long it takes you to break other players' records. Enjoy the variety of background pictures and sounds as you proceed through the game.

Keep in mind that similar blocks will be merged into a larger number of blocks and the chain of merging continue from there. Other features of the puzzle and arcade theme will make the game even more interesting! Here at https://abcya4.net/, you can look forward to plenty of choices of gaming genres such as girl games, action-based, io games, and so on in the games like Merge Balls 2048 and 2048 Wooden Edition!

How to play:

Click the left mouse and drag to move the Hexa blocks on the board.