Baby Chicco Adventures

Enjoy the new pixelated gaming selection with the little bird in Baby Chicco Adventures - our new new ABCya 4 kid game with the platform gameplay that resembles that of Mario. We guarantee that the players will find a sense of familiarity in this game and figure out the fastest route to win. You will get on a new journey to find a way to escape the dangers of the video game world alongside this little penguin.

The penguin was playing the video game when suddenly an electric shock and water leak make it unstable, which leads to him being sucked into the video game! In order to get out of it, you just need to follow the course of the main character, dodge the obstacles, gather the coins, and stay alive. While having fun playing and completing all the challenges of this amazing platform game, you will be able to improve your skillsets when it comes to maneuvering through different terrains like water and land, dodging fishes, and gathering mushrooms.

Feel free to change the tactics to adapt when the environment changes! There are hidden lives or hearts hidden inside the blocks scattered here and there. These are crucial to getting your penguin more chances in this fantastic game at, so don't skip a single block and crack them all!

The more you can find, the more chances you have to replay the game when your character is eliminated. The world of pixelated and cartoony games is a vast and fun world where you get to enjoy simple and fun games such as Sarens or Chicken Egg Challenge! We are eager to see how you will maneuver your way through this dynamic game!

Controlling keys:

Move using the WASD or arrow keys on the keyboard,

shoot at the enemies using the X or J key.