2048 Billiards 3D

Free puzzle games from abcya 4 grade will always be the best genre selections for a mind-wrecking challenge and brain-teasing game time. Take your skills and bring them to the table as well as use it to your advantage in order to make sure of the clearance of all balls. The main objective of this game remains the same as the usual billiard game. You will need to clear your set of balls on the table as soon as possible.

To hit the ball, you have to choose the best angle and position of pushing to conquer each shot. However, this game is not that simple. The players will also have to complete the mission of merging the target balls with the similar numbered ones on the table. To achieve the corresponding targets as well as collect more gold coins, do your best to hit the balls precisely with every chance you have gotten.

The gained coins will be useful for unlocking the props for your usage. The final goal is to merge the 2048 ball and get this final result in a short time frame. Learn how to merge the number here in the new game of 2048 Billiards 3D from ABCya free games with the best boosters, special features, and new rules for billiard players. Let's see which rank will you occupy on the Leaderboard of the game here at abcya 2048 puzzle!

Start with the work of figuring out the best angle before choosing the force to shoot the balls as this is crucial in helping you get the highest scores possible. Make sure that you manage to spot and gather enough of them to win the game! Showcase your talents in shooting other objects with more games like Hexa 2048 Puzzle or 2048 Wooden Edition from the website of https://abcya4.net/ for free!

How to play: Click and hold to control.