Crazy Laundry

A simple interactive game of cleaning with your virtual friend here at Crazy Laundry will be a suitable relaxing game for your next gaming session online! Feel the satisfaction of wiping off all the remaining dirty spots on your mirror, and the room, and cleanse the pipe too! This new game from has such a simple control key set that allows kids of all ages to participate with one go! Your mundane cleaning tasks can get so much funnier with Mike - our expert in pipe fixing, room cleaning, mirror cleansing, and microbes fighting!

The goal of this game is to wipe out the dirt and bacteria from the room. Each level or stage comes with a significantly different lesson so that you can grasp the opportunity to enter the special gameplay. It's a cleaning game with 3D graphics, and an intuitive interface, which is available for you to participate anytime with a single click. If you haven't tried out any games like this, simply follow the instructions from the in-game tutorial to get used to the basics of the game.

Don't forget to get ready for other game spaces such as Circus Dart Wheel and Butcher Warehouse, all of which contain similar gameplay or equally cool theme. Make sure to utilize all the given tools that can be helpful for the tasks of cleaning, such as wiper, spray bottles, and so on. Thanks to the fun animated design, vibrant color palette, and easy-to-understand game rules, we guarantee that any player ready to turn their game skills up a notch will easily get the higher player rankings on the Leaderboard. Compete for the highest records and win the game by clicking here !

How to play: Use the left mouse button to click and interact with the items.