Christmas Bridge Runner

If you are yearning for a new gaming option with the main theme as Christmas and filled with the holiday spirit, why don't you challenge yourself with this game of Christmas Bridge Runner? Not only is it a challenging bridge-building game that has been updated to the Abcya 4 gaming collection but it's also a free option with good gameplay. You will join this quest to get a Christmas-themed bridge that can help to deliver the gifts.

Are you ready to enjoy this winter-season game from First, run down the platform and dodge the obstacles while collecting Christmas stockings. Feel free to pick the color of the stocking that you like. Once the stack of stockings is collected, you can advance to choose a bridge, and place the socks on each other to build your bridge. The more socks you own, the faster you will be able to reach the finish line.

The top title belongs to the one who can complete the mission before anyone else builds a bridge! Winning the race can be exhilarating for newbies and fans of intuitive gameplay, so check out this game as soon as you have the time. Not only can you look forward to the most interesting gameplay from this genre but you can emerge in the world of beautiful and colorful graphics.

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Game controls:

Click on the screen to gather the socks and drag the mouse to move.

Play with the touchpad on mobiles.