Merge And Decor

The biggest challenge here at Merge And Decor - the new game for kids at ABCya land will be your imagination! Spread your creative mind and find suitable decoration styles for your new virtual home here! You can do them all from the Home Makeover, and Room Decoration, to the harder House Renovation mini-games. Each type brings a different set of missions for the players to tackle, learn, and enjoy.

Firstly, you can get whatever you need to generate a brand new dream mansion that consists of all things you wish for. Use the infrastructure and furniture from this old mansion and wipe off the dust to recycle them. Once you have a range of old items, try to merge as many as possible and turn them into the most useful tools for decoration. More and more surprising treasures are hidden here and there, so be prepared to roam each room to search for more valuable items.

The kids will get a chance to direct a full home renovation and bring your dream mansion to life. The more you merge, the newer items you will get. This is the key to discovering hidden items in the mansion with such a huge area. The combination of old tools will surprise you with plenty of new tools that you can choose to upgrade the house more.

Don't worry about the time as there's no rush here for time-bound. Lift the pressure of daily work and school while enjoying this creative game online at! Keep in mind that you need to gather more stars to achieve more unique items for decoration later. Would you like to explore more games such as Virile Grandpa EscapeColorful Assort to spice up the game time with more action-based games, arcade games, girl games, sports games, or even puzzles?


Click the mouse to interact with the furniture.