Colorful Assort

The art of transferring the contents in these bottles here at Colorful Assort will be quite a challenge for newbies who haven't tried out the gameplay of arranging and matching yet! You will carry out the task of arranging the given tubes that are filled with various colored balls. First, learn how you can transfer the contents. Once you have understood the assignment, you can start the work.

In order to make sure that one tube contains only one color, you have to work slowly and transfer the balls one by one. A bottle cannot contain more than its capacity, which means that it cannot be overflowed. The full bottle can't receive any other ball. Also, another crucial rule in this new game from ABCya puzzle land is that you can't place another ball on top of a different type when you remove them from the original tube.

Let's start acing this game with your creative thinking and amazing solution while trying to take over the game-winning title with top-notch scores! This type of brain-wrecking game will be the perfect option for you to spice up a bit of playtime before getting back to the real world, so enjoy your wisdom and share it with your friends later.

Thanks to the vibrant set of colors and colorful design, it's such an eye-catching game for kids! Would you like to tackle various interesting and addictive games like Virile Grandpa Escape Ball Puzzle as they are all added to different game collection here for free? Come to the gaming collection here at to enrich your gaming experience! Time is not the problem, but it all shall depend on how you deal with this scattered colored ball!

Controlling keys:

Click the mouse, drag, and release the left button to choose and drop the balls.