Ball Puzzle

Ball Puzzle is all about getting the ball rolling to the right places with the least moves! All these tiles that connect and create the path for the balls have been messed up. Now, each tile is in one place, and we need someone who can quickly assemble them to deliver the balls as usual. Would you like a bit of brain exercise and top up the reflexes, as well as increase your ability to think?

Enjoy this lovely 2D game from ABCya 2023 and show us how you will crack each puzzle! Thanks to the simple yet addicting puzzle rule, you will get to play according to your pace. Enjoy the fun with this game and make sure that you get other tiles in the right places. Move the scattered slides as they can be sliced through out the board to place on different square blocks.

You need to create a path for the ball to roll to the endpoint. Keep an eye on the destination point using the given flag. Let's see if you can win with the least moves possible because these tiles are so random! For harder stages, keep in mind that iron tiles are the types that can't be moved, which means that you have to move the other ordinary tiles around them.

Some supporting features are available with limited use for you to undo your move or use the hints. How long will it take you to crack all 240 levels, varying from Beginner to Expert mode in this game from Plenty of good gaming choices such as RPS Exclusive will soon be your next favorites, so don't hesitate to try them out!

Controlling keys: Click and drag the left mouse to hold and move the tiles to the other places.