Command Strike FPS

Command Strike FPS brings a new generation of shooting games to the collection for boys here at ABCya shooting land with no cost. You will play the main role of a commander for a real commando mission! Assist the team and conquer the toughest missions that you might ever find related to shooting themes. Explore different maps and vast spaces for shooting and make sure to locate the enemies as soon as possible to avoid getting shot at ABCya 4th.

The kids will find some classic features of shooting games in this one as the 3D graphics, first-person pov, common sets of weapons, and so on. Feel free to roam the place and explore all these various maps for battles with tons of both online and offline game modes. Go from the simple modes of Deathmatch, Flag capture, to Missions - weaponry, which will bring daily tasks and missions to you.

In order to gain and possess the most powerful guns and pistols or explosives for conquering harder challenges, we need you to win all these daily tasks and be the sole survivor of simple missions first. Enhance your aiming skills to become a super shooter with all these special commando missions!

Not only will you need a great shooting and combat techniques but you also need to demonstrate a good timing and time control skills. Due to the time limit per challenge, don't waste any second and make sure to only deliver the most precise shots. Figure out your way of fighting and personal styles in combats in more games like Metal Black Wars from online game collection!

Controlling keys:

Use WASD to move, G key to use the grenade,

H for the first aid kit, C to duck, spacebar to jump.

Change the weapons using the mouse scrollwheel.