Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker is all about trying to become one of the best pirates with good reflexes, amazing dodging skills, and great aiming techniques! This ABCya shooting game will let you utilize the set of cannon shots to defeat the other players in the same water body. The goal for this game will be to survive the action-packed ship battles on the ocean and steer clear of the floating icebergs.

There are two main missions that you need to accomplish, which are to break the ice and to hit the other player's ships. Keep in mind that your ship will be the main aid during these intense fights and make sure to constantly upgrade your ship's resilience, capacity, damage range, and bullet speed after each successful session. The goal is to guarantee that you have some of the most powerful ships to destroy plenty of other opponents and ice!

Keep an eye out for the randomly popped-up ice pieces as well as the angry pirates. They will join forces to hit your ship as the main target, so will you be able to survive? The only way to make it further in this game is to advance with higher capacity and strive to be the strongest ship in the sea here at!

Since the ship releases bullets automatically, all you need to control is the maneuvering and direction of the ship. Do you know that the game booster allows you to multiply the money you earn and get x2 the amount? Unlock all upgradable equipment and ship parts to assemble a better one! Check out plenty of games with amazing themes such as Foxy Land 2Great Air Battle when you win this one!

Game controls:

Use the mouse or touchpad to control your ship and move around the waters to avoid enemy bullets.