Funny Faces

Funny Faces is fun game that you can play here on abcya 4 club. A hilarious, active pantomime game that kids just love, and that sets their imaginations free! Command Cards get turned, describing an action to be done.Your goal is simple: Remove all of the funny faces from play! Make fantastic photos with Funny face filters. 

In this game, match two or more of the same colored faces to remove them. You will lose a life if you click on a single face by itself. Lose all of your lives and it is game over, good luck! The players move around the board, helping each other bring all the things needed for a party. 

Co-operative play allows everyone to get into the actions without worrying about losing and being eliminated and because you keep up your mime until the next turn, many funny interpretations happen at once. 

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Click or tap on the faces to remove the from play.