If io games have always been your favorites here at, this new selection with the name of Slither will be a cool option to spice up your game time! Like most other io games, you will be collecting balls or corpses of other dragons. The more you collect, the bigger your character is. Once you managed to make your dragon the biggest one on set, you can dominate the whole battlefield.

This means that your main objective of the game is to make sure that you can become the longest dragon on the map. Surviving when your dragon is small is harder because you need to dodge the other threatened opponent and avoid colliding with all dangerous objects. You can also maneuver the dragon using the changing of both his tail and body, therefore, your movement is not restricted.

Make sure to learn how your opponents move from their speed, as well as keep track of their positions to avoid brutal attacks. There are multiple players from real-time servers online who will join the same board as you. Conquer this game space with your gaming experience and skills to discover your unique theme of the game! In order to stay alive until the end of each battle, you need to stay away from dangers at all costs.

Changing tactics will be important for catching up with each challenge. Let's see if you can win the game and choose more worlds to explore in other games such as PAPER.IO 2 or! ABCya gaming list will always bring plenty of surprising new themes and genres for you to discover both similar io games and other unexplored ones.

How to play:

Choose the direction and move using the mouse cursor.

Play with the touchpad for mobiles and tablets.