Circus Dart Wheel

As the main circus artist here at Circus Dart Wheel, we hope that you will clear out your mission on all stages, which is to throw the given number of darts at the targets precisely! However, this ABCya 4 kid game is nothing like any other dart game that you used to play. You will have to maneuver the throw of darts with all your skills as your target is a rotating board with a man on it. Aim so that your spiky and sharp darts hit the marked points only, and make sure to avoid the poor guy being trapped on the board. Any mistake or hit that you mistakenly make on the guy will reduce your overall scores.

 You only own a limited number of darts, which means that you have to be precise to clear the level's requirement without running out of choices. The closer you get to the bulls-eye of the board, the higher your gained points will be. Don't try too hard and aim for the spot that you can't hit, or else the game will be over soon. Emerge in the fun cartoony graphics and embrace the thrilling sensation of aiming with a man on your target board.

There is a good chance that your aiming and estimation skill will be able to come in handy and be enhanced during this game session, as you need to estimate the rotating round of the board to choose the best timing for releasing the darts. Don't get too careful and follow your instinct when it comes to aiming. More games like 18 Wheeler Truck Parking and Wheel Smash might bring a variety of popular game choices to your basket of games here at, so don't hesitate to capture the essence of other challenging games with your talents too!

How to play: Click to throw the darts.