Holiday Mahjong Dimensions

Holiday Mahjong Dimensions is quite an update for players who have been familiar with the large collection of Mahjong games from ABCya land. For each game, we bring different and unique themes to make it a bit different in terms of rules and graphics. From the name of this one, you could have probably guessed that your main theme on this board will be Christmas items! The holiday spirit is all over this game as you will brainstorm in this classic game while moving pieces with the prettiest Christmas decorations.

From little pieces with icons of Christmas trees, Christmas lights, stars, Christmas ornaments to socks and presents, you can find them all while grooving to the soundtrack filled with Christmas songs. Again, the main rule and theme remain unchanged. Your job is to match any two tiles that have the same symbol with the condition that they have to be free. A tile will be clickable under the condition that it's not blocked by the pieces on its left and right. As long as it's uncovered, you can choose to remove it in pair.

How many sets can you complete before the time runs out? Of course, we need to complete all of them to successfully help Santa with the delivery of presents, however, practice and don't be afraid of failing during the first few trials. This game will require your combination of eye and hand cooperation as well as good tactics to avoid coming to dead-ends. At, each game opens up a new enjoyment chance for both beginners and advanced players, as long as they choose the suitable game modes from our long list of games. Take your pick and don't forget about some popular choices like Release The Gift Boxes and Montezuma Gems

Instruction: Click on the Mahjong pieces to choose and remove them.