Release The Gift Boxes

The main purpose of Release The Gift Boxes is to stack up the highest tower, but it's not any other ordinary tower that you are familiar with. Instead of building a tower made of bricks and blocks like in classic games, this time, you will create one from presents! It's a tower made of presents, more specifically Christmas presents for kids! You will help Santa make towers and towers of gifts and guarantee joy to the kids who are waiting for them! It's interactive gameplay in which you can control when to release the gifts by clicking or tapping on the pliers.

The pliers keeping the gifts will be moving from one side to another, which makes it harder for you to select the perfect timing. However, keep an eye on the position that you would like to drop the presents and tap at the perfect moments. Another difficulty is the existing stack of gifts. If you fail to drop the gift precisely on the previous stack or make the gifts fall to the ground, your turn will be over. It's not an easy feat to control the plier to create a legendary tower with the highest scores, but practice to get there in no time!

Align all of them to the center and release the plier at the moment of your choosing. This kind of arcade game will not only improve your estimation skills but it's also a good option for relaxing without having to worry about progress or cost. Other games like Montezuma Gems and Piggy In The Puddle Christmas will bring new and refreshing types of games as well as innovative genres to your gaming collection at Spare some time in your day-offs and tackle them to have a blast!

Controlling keys: Click to release the pliers and to interact with features in the game.