Montezuma Gems

The kingdom of Montezuma Gems welcomes the bravest and brightest adventurers who are in the search for a special quest of your life! It's your mission to claim the stake on the prized gems of Montezuma with the highest scores possible. But as an intruder to this kingdom of ABCya 4 game land, you need to beware as each pyramid is guarded by an ancient warrior. This warrior will stop at nothing to prevent you from taking the gems away from him. Each warrior will challenge you to a match of matching gems but with different purposes and missions.

Try to locate and match 3 or more gems of the same color to defeat the ancient Montezuma warriors and progress to the next pyramid. You have to achieve a certain number of good matches in order to finish a level. Each successful match will release the essence of the warrior and you can claim it. There will be a detailed and interactive tutorial that is so player-friendly that little kids can also learn the rules quickly. Just follow the guides step by step and enjoy the addictive storyline with 5 warriors as the main characters. This new game of puzzles from also brings an innovative mechanic that allows swapping beside matching.

Search and capture the power-ups and boosters that enhance your performance like the magic crystals, fireball gems, or lightning pieces. The warriors will show more and more hidden weapons that can dispose of you at any second, so do your best at matching to collect more power and essence. Keep exploring other puzzles that are quite tough and more suitable for advanced players such as Piggy In The Puddle Christmas and Angry Cat Shot

How to play: Click the left mouse button to choose which gems to match and swap.