Money Rush

Are you ready to get the money wheel rolling in this new ABCya running game: Money Rush? The more you move on the way, the more chances you will have to gather coins and money. This is a new running game taking place on the longest platform with 3D animation and vibrant graphics. You will be in charge of controlling the movement of your coins while learning how to dodge obstacles.

Move from the left lane to the right lane and change the strategy from time to time to collect the highest number of coins possible. There are two gates available per stage and your chosen path will decide how many scores you can earn during the run. To multiply your coins with the highest multiplier, chose the gates of calculation wisely. There are different options ranging from adding, subtracting, multiplying, to dividing that you can select to collect your money.

The ultimate goal that you should aim for in this game is to get rich as soon as possible! Change the gained coins into cash at the end of each stage and stack up the money for usage. Feel free to spend it according to your strategy and build the big city that you have always dreamed of! From building shops, and purchasing tools, to generating income on different platforms, you are free to spread your creativity on how you should use your money.

It's a fabulous combination of simple math games and simulation games that bring you an amazing gaming experience for sure. Once you start rolling your coins, calculate the path to gain the highest scores possible. Let's see if you can be the best in this coin rush from! Feel free to have a blast with new arcade games such as Rope Slash Online once you have the time off!

Controls: Click and drag the mouse to move.