Rope Slash Online

Rope Slash Online tests your skills when it comes to chopping the ropes which are holding the ball. Utilize the law of physics, momentum, and the weight of the balls to make your moves in this ABCya 4th 2022 game and destroy the arrayed cans. On separated stages, a stack of cans is placed on a certain spot. Your mission on each level remains the same, which is to make sure that your can stack is pushed and destroyed.

The only item that you can take advantage of on the platform is the heavy wall dangling on the tiny string. Cutting the rope on the right spot will not be easy as you want to release the ball at a suitable angle in order to destroy the cans as smoothly as possible. You will find that the overall arcade gaming theme is simple, yet the physic laws that you need to use to guide the ball will be difficult to control.

Manipulate the physics along with the weight of the ball to maneuver it in different directions. Don't forget that you can utilize other objects on the moving platforms and enjoy the amazing design of the layout. Unlock more skins and boosters using the gained scores. This is a free game from so feel free to replay and practice as many times as you like.

If you manage to fulfill the objective within the given trials and tests, you will easily become the main character on the Leaderboard. Tackle a huge number of other games that are also thrilling such as Tasty Match or Find the Way Home Maze Game. Improve the movement of the sphere as well as the precision in chopping off the strings to get the best result in this multilevel game!

Controls: Drag the left button or tap on the screen to cut the rope.