Tasty Match

Tasty Match from ABCya free game gives you a new gaming option to enjoy the relaxing playtime with a colorful game in which players get to relax and unwind with the vibrant sweets! Control the movement and arrangement of the sweets to successfully create lines of identical tiles within a restricted time. Time is of the essence and can cause you to fail the levels, especially when there are too many pairs to match.

How will you manage to connect pairs as shown on the left side panel without failing? Clearing the entire field before your time runs out will not be an easy feat, but they're more chances for you to replay in case you are a newbie. The more distant tiles you manage to get on your line, the more stars you can get as rewards. Once you reach the required number of stars, you can gain a chest filled with other sweets as the ultimate gift!

There are more and more magnificent tiles with a variety of themes and patterns for you to unlock. Keep searching for an adequate connection and do your best to reach from one corner to another. The further you progress in this game from https://abcya4.net/, the more challenges there will be on the board.

Dive into the free spirit of this puzzle and don't forget to share the fun with other friends during the quest in games like Idle Pinball Breakout or Merge Master Dinosaur Fushion! Keep an eye on the scoreboard on the side panel as well as the clock counting down to keep track of both statistics. Gather your strength to explore a ton of new adventures filled with dangers and unique obstacles later with our free gaming list!

Controlling keys:

Click and drag the left mouse button to choose and match the tiles.