Blaze Racing

Blaze Racing is an endless game for all ages, you can play free online at ABCya 4 online. The objective of the game is to make the highest score by driving on an endless winding cliff and knocking off your opponents to get the score up. You can use various power ups by collecting coins and unlocking a random powerup to use against the opponents. These power ups includes:

Fast paced survival action racing game with a unique generated track for each run. Dash, destroy and blaze through multiple opponents on the winding cliff road and try not to get knocked off! The further you go, the more upgrades you will earn.

You can also play:Racing Horizon or City Bus Driver.


- 10x in-game upgrades to earn

- Uniquely generated 3D style effect cliff-top track for each run

- In-game weapon power-ups to blast, explode and power through enemy racers

- Endless opponents to knock-off the road along the way to victory


Mobile: Tap and drag to steer

Desktop: Left and right arrows to steer