Extreme Toy Race

Feel the intensity like no other in this high-speed racing experience with our new game Extreme Toy Race, a new racing game for kids ! Keep your racing vehicles stable on this toy race and you can choose between the two available modes. Either participate as a single player or go in with the two-player mode if you have another friend to share the fun. It'll be a fun challenge to upgrade your skills in this action-packed game of toys. The goal is to move through all the tracks while becoming one of the top players.

Dash through the multiple scattered obstacles on the track and make a smooth reach to the destination within the race's limited time. The more race you win as the first-position player, the higher your ultimate score will be. It's a quest of accelerating and balancing your vehicles. Not only is it a good game for challenging your friends thanks to the duo mode but it's also filled with long hours of fun and excitement thanks to the increasing difficulty. Upon higher levels and more progress, there will be more obstacles and random items that you need to look out for.

Let's see how you will maneuver and handle the balance of your vehicles while being in high-speed races! Are you ready to take over this simple yet challenging 3D game with your skill levels and current racing techniques? Let's test out the talent of all players, ranging from seasoned gamers to beginners in this fresh action-themed game at https://abcya4.net/! Other frequently chosen games like Kart Racing Pro and Monster Truck Sky Racing will also be great choices for your next session, so feel free to check them out later!

Game controls: Use the mouse to interact, the keyboard to control the direction.