Wheelie Biker

The way to beat all levels in this new game of ABCya bike game: Wheelie BikerPop is to control your bike's pacing wisely. The goal of this game is similar to that of other games from the same wheelie sage, which is to make it to the final destination without fail. Your mission is to make sure that this given wheelie bike can stay balanced as long as you are still moving on the platform. The bike moves based on the momentum that you give to it, however, the slightest redundance of pace will cause the bike to flip.

Estimate the force that you need and use just enough to slide to the finish line and beat the level! Can you see that there is a new set of statistics on the top of the game screen? Try to fill out the wheelie meter as much as possible while moving. Avoid crashing and collisions at all costs before reaching the finish line. Speed is only one small aspect of the game. What's more important is how stable you are while trying to make it to the final line. You are going to try and unlock new bike models using your gained scores so that you can obtain the largest set of bike models in this game!

Don't forget that the best players will be the ones managing to stay balanced and not fall even once during their advancing through all of the different levels. There are plenty of diverse genres that we brought to the game list at https://abcya4.net/ where you can spread your imagination and explore anything that suits your taste! Come to try out some sports games, arcade or action-based games, or even cook up some good pastries in cooking games like Offroad Masters Challenge or Big Wheels Monster Truc !

Game controls: Click or tap on the screen to push the bike forward.