Monster Truck Sky Racing

Monster Truck Sky Racing is not your typical car racing game. With the special on-air platform, the drivers will get a chance to demonstrate their talents in navigating the monster truck through the toughest sky racing tracks. Learn how to race, bypass other opponents, and win over artificial intelligence on these unique race tracks. As intense as the races might be, you will survive with great driving skills, stable command, and a quick eye for a suitable route. The rule and movement are very simple, which remains unchanged from other similar racing games. The controller of each vehicle will bring their trusty and equipped monster trucks to the race track as assigned.

Choose the model of the truck first before diving in, and you can purchase some boosters, updates, and new add-ins by using the gained scores. In this fun game, the way to earn money is by completing race tracks with the top positions. A total of 10 monster trucks are ready for you to make your pick and dive into the setting of four different arenas. Even for newbies, this game will still be a great choice to practice maneuvering a huge truck that is not your ordinary car in daily life. Have fun with amazingly designed virtual race tracks, on-air challenges, and a difference in racing theme.

If you are good at keeping the balance of the car as well as accelerating on time, there are plenty of chances for you to ace the top range. Keep an eye on the randomly popped-up items and boosters to gather. Don't forget about the purchases from in-game updates that can increase your horsepower or capacity of the machine! Other games such as Flying Wings Hovercraft and Kart Racing Pro will bring different worlds of fun-themed games to you with just one click at

How to play: Use the mouse to navigate the trucks.