Bouncy Motors

This special jelly bouncy car will be your main vehicle in this new car game of Bouncy Motors from the available kid game collection at ABCya motor racing. How good is your maneuvering and balancing skill when it comes to driving a car that bounces like jelly? The challenge will be different so as the graphics. Emerge in this 2D animated game with a cartoon-styled design to keep it simple and fun for kids! The final objective is to get to the finish line before the gas tank runs out. However, on the route toward the end line, there will be two zones: the red zones and the safe zones. Stay on the safe lane and steer clear of the red one.

As it's crucial to stay beware of red zones, you will prevent the car from falling off the edge, losing some wheels, or getting caught in the fall-off on impact! The red zones are filled with dangerous items and obstacles like hidden spikes, blocks, and so on. Another terrain that has caught our players off their guard will be the ice level. Be patient and spend more effort on keeping the balance of the car through the route in order to make sure that there's no slippery path that can hurt your character!

Go on with your talented car driving and gather the most coins to make it to the top of the Leaderboard with the least time spent on one session. More similar-themed games like Speedy Paws or Enchanted Waters will be perfect options if your favorite genre is car games. Hit the gas pedal and control the back-or-forth motion with finesse to win this game now! The game list can be accessed with only one click on our link at and it can be shared with your besties too!

Instructions: Use the arrows or hold the left mouse button to move the car on the path.