2K Shoot

Get your precise shot to conquer this new ABCya shooting game of 2K Shoot - one of the most addictive combinations for a new game here in our collection. Do your best to conquer this combination of the 2048 Puzzle and bubble shooting game. It's all about capturing the essence of merging gameplay and finding out what surprising bubble colors are waiting for you.

Not only is this new puzzle to get some relaxing moments after your hardworking time but it's also a good choice to train your brain in a non-stressing way. If you love merging games where the key is to catch similar items to merge, this one is suitable for you! All you need to do is to control the ball cannon which releases random colored balls. Aim to hit the next ball to the cluster filled with balls of similar colors. After picking the place you are aiming, shoot precisely to match the same colored balls.

If two similar numbered and colored balls are matched, they will create a joint and generate the next number with double the old value. Once you finish tapping, learn how to hold the shooting cannon on the screen so that you can target and hit multiple placements at the same time. Magical bombs or paint bombs will be valuable and good for clearing out the stuck blocks once you don't find any place to hit them.

Don't let the balls touch the lower limit of the board or else your turn is over. Let's conquer the most scores and record yourself as the top-ranged players in this game from https://abcya4.net/! Are you ready for this mixture between casual shooting ball games and puzzle games like Color Shooting? Enjoy the cute animation and lovely setting of the graphics.

Controlling keys:

Use the mouse to shoot the balls.