Color Shooting

It takes a precise hand to shoot the precise colored cannon bullets to explode these balls! Have a fun time popping the fun balls here at Color Shooting - a new game for free that is available for kids of all ages to have fun in ABCya 2022. Not only will the players get to hop into the colorful world of beige, green, and red dots but they can also explore their talents for estimation and timing.

Pick the right shooting cannons with the matched color to the balls that are coming toward your base. Shoot the balls in the order of the movement and make sure not to mistake even one color. If you mishit or shoot with the wrong colored cannon, your turn will be over. The ultimate goal for this endless arcade game is to get the highest results possible while keeping the streak going on. The more and more combos you manage to get, the higher your scores will be.

Plenty of similar adventures can be found inside the games of Sheriff Shoot or Helicopter Rescue, which you can enjoy for free later as well! This game is all about choosing the right color among the three panels beige, green, and red. It is easy to distinguish at first, however, the more you play, the faster the chain moves and it gets harder to quickly choose. Let's see if you can grasp the basics of the game and soon become the master of it!

We provide an in-game tutorial to help beginners enjoy the game easier. Don't miss this chance to compete among the other players' high scores and get yours on the top-ranking positions too! Here at, the list of daily replenished games will be filled up for you to freely pick!

How to play: choose the colored panels with your mouse.