Helicopter Rescue

Beat all the upcoming enemies and approaching teams in this game of Helicopter Rescue from https://abcya4.net/ with the famous third-person shooter point of view! Your experience will be enhanced as you take the shot from the higher helicopter to defeat the enemies that are trying to grab your team. The final goal is to utilize your limited bullets on the mission of keeping your team safe. Will you be able to defend them until they reach the safe point?

Even if one enemy gets close to your running team, your game will be over. This 3D popular game has been all the rage, especially for the fans of dynamic shooting games with the elaborated storyline, more tough missions, and the best gameplay that the kids can freely emerge into.

In order to succeed in the work of rescuing the hostages as well as making sure they can get the chance to escape on the plane, don't let any other problem distract them or stay on their path. It's best to focus on shooting the enemies as quickly as possible. Your top-notch shooting range will be put to test in this game. Good luck with your rifle and do everything in your power to prevent the enemies from catching up with the hostages.

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How to play:

Click and drag the left mouse button to change the direction of the rifle and to shoot.