The Last Survivors

Discover more in an extremely fun escape game The Last Survivors at abcya online. You can join this game for free online in your computer and mobile browsers. Your character is trapped in a maze with no exit. Your goal is to get them out of this dangerous place. There will be objects that need you to decode them. This maze with many surrounding walls and obstacles. Scary, isn't it? It is not easy for you to free them.

You need to let them jump on the walls. Every time obstacles get in the way you need to figure out how they can unlock them so you can escape. Control both male and female characters at the same time. Is this difficult for you? Subsequent levels will include cannibals. Escape and observe now to avoid being eaten by them. Take your character to the door of freedom. Disappear from this deadly trap. Control the game well so they can safely survive. As long as you are slow, one of your two will be eaten by zombies.

Don't worry, make use of all your wisdom in this game. You will win all the levels. Use your weapon to slash the bad guys who are planning to kill you. Why don't you share this fascinating game The Last Survivors at with your friends and invite your friends to join now in the game to escape from the mysterious maze. What do you think if you allow yourself to participate in a few other similar interesting games such as Mexico Rex and Urban Subway Hooligans

Control: use the arrow keys, WASD keys to defeat the monsters.