Mexico Rex

Control a dinosaur that destroys everything. All of that is only in the game Mexico Rex at You can join this game online for free in your browsers. What is your goal in this game? You will control a dinosaur into a village to shoot and kill the people here. Do you love this quest? If so, what are you hesitant about? Get ready to fight now! In this chase, there is also a means of transportation.

Let the dinosaur run fast and chase the target. Shoot and destroy all vehicles on the road. Aim very accurately and use your observation in this game. Kill this guy, be quick with other targets. Devastating all the people and every means here. Every time you shoot and kill the opponent you will have the opportunity to become excellent players. Becoming the most powerful dinosaur of all time and no force can destroy. You play in a fighting game with your advantage. Is it amazing? The game has many different levels waiting for you to explore.

Each level has its challenges. The later the number of people and means that you need to destroy as much. Use all your skills in the game Mexico Rex at abcya 4 shooting. Experience more exciting things in the game. Why don't you recommend this game to your friends and invite your friends to join right now the game to control the giant dinosaurs with maximum power? Do not hesitate, but allow yourself to participate in a few other similar game genres like Stickman Archer 2 and Last Knight

How to play: Use mouse to destroy everything together.