Enchanted Waters

Enchanted Waters online game from ABCya adventure will be filled with the most dangerous bodies of water where you can only win by hopping on the right tile. Not only will there be plenty of obstacles to bypass here but the players also need to pay attention to the time. As time is of the essence and one of the most important elements in this riveting game, make sure that you overcome the maze on time. One single wrong step on the wrong tiles or a wrong estimation while expanding the board will make your thrilling journey end!

Keep advancing and make sure to avoid falling onto the lake at all costs. The key point in this interactive game is about getting the jumps precisely. As you are planning to jump onto the next tile, make sure to estimate the distance and the required force as well as direction carefully. A single mistake in calculation and estimation might make all your previous efforts go to waste. Let's see if you are a master of timing the jumps and will be able to get through the race without failing or falling onto the lake! Plummeting into the lake is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you keep the spirit and try again in this game!

Plenty of other interactive games of 3D such as Bobb's World and Speedy Paws are available for you to enhance your skill sets with jumping later! This maze shall change the layout from time to time, with more gaps, larger bodies of water that you need to cross, and more strange items lurking underwater. Steer clear of the obstacles as well as these dangers to stay alive while bypassing the game journey! How many scores will you be able to land with one go in this game by clicking at https://abcya4.net/?

Instruction: Click and hold the mouse to jump.