There's no limit to how you can utilize your set of ball and chain in this game of Koxo.io where all players plunge into the mutual arena of intense battles at the same time! Would your skill sets be enough to crack this ABCya io game without being hit even once? The goal is to stay alive with your chain and ball while trying to capture more items for growing and enhancing your size.

In order to make bigger movements with your mouse, it's crucial to move around and choose smaller opponents to battle. Learn to control the increasing mass of your character as you need to dodge the dangerous enemies well. Try to finish first as listed on the scoreboard on the right side of the screen. This panel shows the current scores and ranking of all available players on the io field.

You can learn the other player's positions for further development of your strategy as well. While moving through the sections of the map, look for smaller opponents to consume. The bigger your character is, the further your chain can reach. As it's an io game with a basic io setting, you can look out for more than just a simple strategy and more complicated formation from other competitive players.

This game consists of real-time gamers as shown on the Leaderboard, so enjoy the dynamic of this setting now! Continue your streak of winning by replaying as many times as you like. Other similar-themed games such as PAPER.IO 2 will soon be your additional choice for the personal game basket thanks to their modern gameplay and interesting themes for kids of all ages here at https://abcya4.net/!

Game controls:

Move the ball and chain as well as the character using the WASD key sets or arrow keys.