Gate Rusher Online

Gate Rusher Online is a brand-new arcade game on ABCya 4th. Players need to control the ball to slide left and right to avoid the roadblocks in front of them and keep moving towards the target. Although the playing method seems simple, it can test the players' reaction ability. Remember not to miss any gate, enjoy the Gate Rusher Online!

In the 3D reaction game Gate Rusher, your marble is hurtling down a curved track interspersed with barriers. There's an open gate placed along each barrier, and you have to swerve left or right to pass through it and avoid a collision. The barriers are transparent, so you can see some way ahead of you. Make sure you pass neatly through the gates or you'll lose the game. If you hit a wall the first time, you're given a one-time option to continue playing. You'll restart exactly where you left off, so react quickly to avoid making the same mistake!

Don't forget to share this joy with your friends and invite your friends to join the game right now to remember your childhood game and explore it together. If you are impressed with this game you can completely join some kind of games like  Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition and Run Boys Multiplayer.


Slide on the screen to play.