Run Boys Multiplayer

In order to claim your spot among the last three survivors here in the Run Boys Multiplayer online game from ABCya 2022, don't stop under any circumstances and keep moving to win one of our most addicting and challenging games! As this game has multiple players joining the platform, you need to keep moving to avoid the attack or push. To win, make sure that you stay and become one of the last three surviving players among the bunch of 29.

The number of three qualified players will not change regardless of the difficulty level, therefore, stay alert and win the game at all costs. Even though faster players might get an advantage, speed doesn't decide the winning chance of this game. Do your best to carry out steady steps and avoid being pushed off the platform. This requires the players to be skillful in the task of dodging, moving, and even pushing the others.

The layout and the challenges vary depending on the stage, which results in you being entertained by different challenges per stage. Jump from one platform to another when you sense a new dangerous object coming. Don't let others push you off the rails or any platform or else the game will be over. Besides the steady movement, make sure you can ace the art of estimating the timing.

Jumping on time will save you plenty of effort as well as maximize the damage of your move. Another goal to conquer per stage is to reach the destination within a given timeline. Do your best to bypass as many players as possible since the top spots on the Leaderboard matter. Other equally fun games like Novice Fisherman from our free gaming list at will bring tons of hilarious and thrilling moments to you!

Instructions: Move and play using the mouse cursor.