Novice Fisherman

It's the fish season here at ABCya land and since there are plenty of new fishes in the sea, are you ready for a new fishing trip? It's your chance to play the role of the main fisherman on this boat that is dispatching and heading to the deeper water. The goal is to assist this fisherman in the quest to gain the most fish and meet the demand for sales at the market.

As the fisherman's boat moves too slowly, demonstrate the best hooking and aiming to capture the fish, regardless of their positions. If you would like to enjoy the sea breeze and cool animation as the background, hop on this boat and explore the journey now! First, learn how you can throw the rod into the sea at the most advantageous positions.

Once it's done, move the rod to the left and the right with the arrow keys so that you can gather more than one fish in one dispatch of the rod. Note that there will be some dangerous species that you need to avoid if you want to keep the fisherman and the boat safe. Avoid collision with bombs or sharks at all costs. They show up randomly on the current so be prepared to dodge them and keep the fish only.

Time is of the essence as you only have a limited time frame for exploration. If the time runs out and you haven't met the daily deadline, it's over. Another tip for newbies is to control the hook point properly. Let's see if you can be on top of the Leaderboard filled with the best fishermen here at! Test your luck and bring forth the best fishing techniques to win other games like Jump On 2 later!

Controlling keys:

Click or use the spacebar to release the rod, and use arrow keys to move.