How the time works in this new game of Paused from ABCya puzzle games will be entirely up to you and your decision! It's the players' mission to help the little duckling reunite with his bunny friend at the end of the road. How can you bring them together without failing at any stage? Our answer is by manipulating the flow of time as it's your ability in this game! You will be able to control the time and the characters' movements accordingly. Complete all the stages and relax with these adorable adventures for kids of all ages.

Use these skills to estimate the obstacles and the appearance of other items so that you can freeze the time on time. By freezing the time, the character can swiftly move forward while the other objects are holding still. It's a fun and new type of game genre belonging to the main theme of an arcade game from our website. You can enjoy multiple versions and different stages of difficulty in the game. Before the time runs out, you need to reach the exit door.

This means that it's important to keep track of the time clock to know how much time you have left for each journey. With every turn, stabilizing your pace and balancing between two characters' positions will be the key points. Don't miss out on this fabulous arcade game with the pixelated scheme, cool graphics, and fun gameplay to keep your focus on during the boring playtime! Unlock more options in the world of free games such as Insect Exploration or 100 Doors Escape Room, all of which will be easily found at when you are ready for a new adventure!


Move and jump with WASD or arrows,

switch between items using the X key,

spacebar to reload, and R to pause the game.