Insect Exploration

Insect Exploration is a new race or competition between so many different insects. You will not know which animal you get assigned, but will you be able to win? Among the list of insects, each comes with a special movement rule that you need to abide by. Choose the way to move the snails, spiders, grasshoppers, or another character to reach the destination as marked on the board. It's a brand new addition to the collection at ABCya puzzle game list, with lots of jumping, flying, and hopping to make it to the victory line.

There is no similar experience during each of your playtimes, so go ahead and create the most unique experiences. The goal for each level is to get to the destination line, which is flagged. Keep in mind that you only have a limited number of moves, hence, selecting the order of movement of each insect will be crucial to winning the game in the least moves. The fewer moves you use, the higher your score will be thanks to the efficiency of each move. It'll be a rewarding journey where you can collect some stars on the way as well. Once you manage to bring all insects to the location, new levels are unlocked for the new adventure! Let us guide you through some prominent animal moves in the game.

While the grasshoppers jump to move, you can only push the snail to move one tile forward. It's all about getting your special ways around and getting the most multitude of rewards from the in-game Leaderboard! The controlling key set only includes a pointer click, so it's easy enough for kids of all ages to play in one trial. If you love this type of arcade game, try out Chick Chicken Connect or 100 Doors Escape Room from to practice with other gameplay!

How to play: Use the mouse to tap on the position to move to.