100 Doors Escape Room

How good are your puzzle-cracking and problem-solving skills? Test your brainstorming under pressure with this fun ABCya puzzle game of 100 Doors Escape Room, with challenging levels daily! This game is good for enhancing your interaction, increasing IQ, training memory, and problem-solving skills, as well as adding a fun gaming option that you can play anytime! This game comes with the classic point-and-click puzzle game theme.

As you are sneaking into the mansion, you will have to unlock as many doors as possible among these 100 doors. Behind each one is another secret or something valuable for you as a reward. Are you ready to crack the mysteries, unlock doors and secrets, and become the highest-score player? Solve the puzzle that appears behind each door and crack these hidden objects. It's all about interaction and getting the right elements to solve the puzzle.

Gain more skills in finding out the puzzle's mechanism and rules before starting to work on them. Gems will also be helpful to activate or unlock the doors, but not all puzzles require them. Do whatever it takes and put all your brainpower to the ultimate test for winning spots! In this game, puzzles are divided into so many smaller subgenres, so you will be playing with numbers, quizzes, image puzzles, and plenty of types that are added daily.

Watch out for additional challenges and new hints given to you from time to time. Handpick some other games with similar gameplay if you are out for some fun time with more puzzles such as Roshambo or Chick Chicken Connect! The key element to cracking these puzzles is to understand quickly what the objective is. Once you have gotten the gist of how a lock works, you can solve it in no time. Play with endless gaming options which you can share with friends and family here at https://abcya4.net/.

How to play: Mouse or touchpad.