Test your luck and quick thinking and fast-paced reaction in this new ABCya puzzle kid game of Roshambo - the new version of one of your childhood classic games. In this online version of rock, paper, and scissors, the players will be able to pick which opponent they are going against. Whether it's the CPU or another friend playing real-time against you, let's have fun and play with all your wits! This game allows two players to share the same match on the same device to make interaction with your friends easier and more interesting!

You already know the rule of this simple game, it's just picking one of the three symbols for each match. Combat against the AI mind which will be thinking very quickly and showcase both your luck and your intelligence. This online game will prevent the risk of an error in the match, such as one of the players delivering the symbol too soon. For each turn, make your pick from the three available options.

Once both players have made their pick, the chosen options of both will be demonstrated automatically at the same time, to bring some fairness to the match. Like the usual game rule, you can conquer by using Rock over Scissors, Paper wins over Rock, and Scissors win over Paper. For the few first rounds, it'll be purely based on your luck because you can't tell which symbol the other player will pick for the first turn.

From the second guess and the third, you have some clue to deduct and come up with a more logical option. Whoever manages to win three times more will be the winning side. A draw is made when two sides show the same gestures. Thanks to the simple yet addictive gameplay, incorporating cute animation, this game has attracted plenty of worldwide players. Participate in this game at and don't forget to try out some other good choices like Kris Mahjong or Card Match 10!

Instructions: Use ASD for player 1 and JKL for player 2.