Card Match 10

The name of Card Match 10 has already shown the main theme of it, but we will guide you through the basics of this ABCya new game to have a blast! The overall theme and objective of this game will be to match the cards as you can collect and remove the right pairs. For each pair that has the total of the numbers written on the cards as 10, you can remove them from the boards. It can also be automatically removed if you match quickly and precisely.

Continue to match until there are no more cards left on the board to erase. When your full stage is cleared, the target is cleared and your scores are recorded. Pay attention to the cards placed on the top of the stack since these can be matched faster. Even if one card is left, the stage will fail to be cleared. When you get bored with the background, use the earned coins to purchase a new option and change the background to cater to your new level of experience. In order to clear the matches with a total of 10 scores faster, you need to calculate the sum of scores with your fast-paced calculation skills.

Feel free to utilize the hints and boosters to clear out the matches faster. The other similar games like Marble Puzzle Blast or Kris Mahjong might also bring a great theme for puzzle game lovers here at! The two most important keys to winning this game will be the math calculation technique and good eyesight for spotting the pairs of cards properly. With no experience in dealing with this game genre, you can still enjoy a fun time thanks to the amazing gaming session with user-friendly gameplay!

How to play: Move and choose the cards with your left mouse or touchpad.