Tiny Fishing

ABCya game: Tiny Fishing is a cute lovely idle game in which the task of fishing will be extended for a long time. You don't have any requirement for each turn, but the only mission is to overcome yourself and keep increasing the number of captured fishes. This game is for enjoyment as you are lying around in bed for a long time during the holiday. The first thing showing up on the screen is the spinner that will decide your casting distance. If you choose the maximum option, the fisher will cast the rod as far as possible.

Once the rod is fully cast, start moving the hook from the left to the right when you see the fishes so that it can catch them. Load them up on the boat to check and see how many you got! However, there is a limitation on the number of fishes that your rod can contain per one catch. You can improve this capacity and the max length using the gain coins to purchase updates from the store at https://abcya4.net/.

As the line of the rod comes back to the surface, untangle and sell the fishes that you caught for more and more amounts of cash! New casts with updated skills and items will bring more profit and more fishies to your boat! This game might require you to be a bit consistent as it will reward for your daily visit, which can be used to purchase more useful things. Don't forget to log in daily and fill your little boat with the most colorful fishes! Tons of games like Draw Defence and Splishy Fish will be similar in terms of themes and genres, so come to pay a visit as soon as you can!

Instructions: Use the left button to drag and slide the hook left and right.