Draw Defence

To win this tower defense game from abcya 4th called Draw Defence, you will need to draw up different lines so that your enemies can be dispatched to the field. Instead of having to pick the soldier one by one, in this game, you can just draw a line to dispatch your team to the battlefield. Different soldiers can be dispatched once you draw. For example, a team of small soldiers will show up with one vertical line, yet a team of giants will show up using one horizontal line. To win the onslaught of the opponents' team, not only will you need to defense your base carefully but you should preserve it with your troops using ink.

It's crucial that you don't let your stronghold get hit. A good commander will be able to maximize the damage range and protect his or her base at the same time. You can dispatch a different number of soldiers using different lengths of lines and different line intensities. Keep updating the capacity using the squid and fought this special battle with all your wisdom because it's quite a challenge to win fast.

Also, a tip for the new players is to keep check of your ink as well because if it runs out, you can't dispatch your team anymore and your opponents get a chance to counterattack. It's an exciting game to share with your friends and enjoy the experience of battling in a private server in your free time without any cost. Can you overcome the toughest battles of Draw Defence with the highest scores? Explore more battles with different themes such as Splishy Fish and The Wisp from the updated collection of https://abcya4.net/.

Controlling keys: Draw the lines using the left mouse cursor or by tapping on the screen.