Adorable Fish Memory

A simple and adorable game of cards matching with the name of Adorable Fish Memory is available for free in ABCya land where your best gaming moments are made. This game belongs to the genre of card memory and arcade games that are user-friendly and easy even for the little kids to enjoy. The mechanism of the game allows you to go from easy to tougher levels with an increase in the number of cards and harder images of fishes.

The rules are similar to any other classic cards matching as you will have to pick to flip the tiles and use your memory to match them in pairs. If you are lucky, the two cards that you chose to open might already form a pair. In case they are not, it's up to you to remember the location of previous and next cards that you flip to make sure to choose the right pair. Once all the tiles are completed, the players will be allowed to move onto the next levels. Despite that, there is no restriction on how many moves you can use, the less the better.

It will affect your scores and record calculating at the end of the set as well. Can you make it through a total of 4 levels without failure even once? This game is something that you can choose to opt for as it's an easy yet enjoyable option for your kids. With different pictures of fishes, the game will continuously bring more fun to the gaming sessions! Plenty of new games with other equally enjoyable gameplay such as Castle Blocks and Drop The Apple Into Mouth will also be great choices that you can pick for free at

How to play: Tap on the mobile screen or use the mouse to click on the tiles to choose and match them.