Castle Blocks

Castle Blocks will bring the new generation of construction and puzzle game that has a little bit of this and that. Both of the features will contribute to making an excellent ABCya interactive game where the players get to build their castle from scratch. There is no limitation on what theme you can use for your castle. From the classic and royal style to the new and high-tech version or the Mediterranean vibe, pick the style that you want before starting dropping any blocks. There will be a large land space reserved especially for you. You will be in charge of adding different buildings, toning up the blocks, and organizing the overall layout of the castle.

Depending on the cultures and the version that you choose, you can take up the blocks with different patterns and colors to fill up space. Keep building and don't stop with the mission of making a civilized castle filled with builders, citizens, houses, and infrastructure! It's a chance to develop both your designing skills and arranging skills when it comes to construction and design. Moreover, once your castle has shaped up decently, feel free to go through the list of multiple backgrounds that we provide at

Add the one that is suitable for your perfect castle and complete the whole scene. Be creative with what you choose and how you build the castle and you will get the best result out of this building game! The last step for storing your hard work result is to export it to an image that you can save, share, or post somewhere else as well. Don't forget that this game gets even better if you gather some friends and compete to see whose castle is the best! Discover a ton of other cool games for kids of all ages like Drop The Apple Into Mouth and Penguin Adventure later.

Controls: Click and drag the mouse to build and interact.